Private training is one-on-one training in your home, neighbourhood or other location. This is a great option for issues that cannot be addressed in a group class, or if group classes do not fit your schedule. Topics commonly covered in private training include, but are not limited to:

- Aggression

- Reactivity

- Fear

- Puppy nipping and mouthing

- House training

- Crate training

- Basic obedience and manners

- Trick training

You can also do private training for disc and agility! Offered out of Rexplex, these one hour privates are $80. You can even share with a friend to have a customized “class”! This is a great option for extra practice time or for dogs that can’t be in a class setting. Select the “sport private” option on the drop down menu below to sign up. You can also email dana@superpoofdogtraining.com for more info.


Please read our Private Training Policies and Waiver before signing up.

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Owner's name
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