Group Classes


Group training classes are a great cost-effective option for many things - obedience, puppies, agility, disc, tricks, and more! 

All of SuperPoof Dog Training's classes:

- have a maximum of six students (unless otherwise indicated on the class)

- are six weeks long (unless otherwise indicated on the class)

- have homework and support via email and phone

- have an option to add discounted private training to enhance your experience


Please check out our Class Policies before signing up!


***please note dogs that display reactive behaviours such as excessive barking, growling, or lunging at other dogs or people MUST attend private training before attending group classes other than the Leash Manners class.

Here is the schedule for upcoming classes!

Can’t commit to a full 4 or 6 weeks? Check out our Drop In classes!



Whether you are looking to compete, or just have some fun with your dog, agility is a great option! The combination of physical and mental exercise is a fantastic way to give your dog a job.


Introduction to Agility

The best class to start with as a beginner in agility! You’ll get a safe and fun introduction to the sport and its equipment. Jumps, tunnels, A-frame, teeter, and more. Open to dogs 4 months and older (age-appropriate modifications will be made for young dogs), basic obedience commands recommended but not required.

(6 week class)


Intermediate agility skills

Build on what was taught in the Introduction class (or equivalent). Gain distance, learn more handling skills, and work towards being able to run courses! Open to dogs and handlers that have been introduced to all equipment (weaves and teeter not required!).

(6 week class)


Contacts and weaves

Improve your stopped contacts and learn weave poles using the 2x2 method. Already have good contacts and weaves? Spend time proofing them with increasingly difficult challenges. (Due to the physical nature of this class, dogs must be at least one year old to attend)

(6 week class)


Disc Dog

Disc dog is a fun and varied sport! There is no one way to play; there are many venues and games you can play, from games that involve tricks to straight up toss and fetch games. It can be great for confidence building in shy dogs, or for putting some manners and control on more exuberant canines.

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Introduction to disc

This 6 week class is appropriate for those brand-new to the sport, or even those with some experience looking to up their game. We can cover catching, throwing, dropping the disc, as well as introducing and practicing fun freestyle tricks like overs, juggling, and more! The curriculum is catered to the group we have in that class.

Recommended for adult dogs, but there are puppy-friendly modifications available! So the minimum age is only 4 months.

Make sure you bring discs you have for your dog to class. Don’t have any? Don’t worry! We’ll help you out.


disc freestyle tricks

This 6 week class teaches some more of the advanced level disc tricks; these can include: stalls, vaults, rebounds, dog catches, and more! The curriculum is catered to the group that we have in class.

Given the nature of the class, the minimum age is one year. Dogs should also already have some interest in catching discs.